Mercedes G Wagon Suspension by Mansory

Mansory G Wagon Refinement

Mansory is well known to have the finest quality carbon fiber programs and high performance power packages, but they have been working on a sophisticated Mercedes G Wagon suspension.

The adaptive Mansory DDC ECU coil-overs; this new Mansory system allows adjustment within the TÜV-tested lowering range. The new coilover setup is ready for anything having a dirt-resistant trapezoid thread and the composite collar which will allow for years of accessible adjustability and ease of use.
Lowering can be done via the composite spring collar on the shock body or on the height adjustable rear perch in the rear of the vehicle.

During the production process each kit is subjected to extensive stress
tests and must meet the high quality standards set by Mansory to surpass OEM quality.

MANSORY Dynamic Damping

Option 1
Spring set for lowering
4 springs, about 35-40mm lower

Option 2
MANSORY Dynamic Damping Control ECU coilovers
4 parts set coilovers, ECU, 1x multi-selection button for dampening control

Option 3
MANSORY Dynamic Damping Control ECU coilover kit
springs set (G63 250 010) and DDC coilovers (G63 250 020)

5 year warranty is provided when the kit is installed at one of our authorized dealers.